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Membership is open to seniors, 55 and over, who live within the Campbelltown LGA.   Application for Membership is available by applying at 'Richmond Villa', 12 Lithgow Street, Campbelltown or phoning (02) 4628 0484.


Joining Fee: $25.00 (One time)
Annual Fee: $5.00
Class Fee: $5.00 (1 hour class)
Includes all lesson materials

Our philosophy

Campbelltown Senior Cyber Seekers Inc. is a computer club for Seniors over 55, operating in the Campbelltown Local Government area. Our philosophy is to be a club where all members learn from each other in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. We are Seniors teaching Seniors. The club operates from "Richmond Villa", 12 Lithgow Street Campbelltown, and is run by an elected volunteer management committee.

Our Aims

To enable members through mutual help and at a minimum cost to acquire a better understanding of digital technology.

To provide for Members an atmosphere of fellowship and enjoyment whilst learning Computer and Communication skills and ideas.

To strive at all times to keep abreast of the changes in technology in order to assist Members.

To provide regular meetings, training activities and social gatherings.


The Cyber Seekers Club runs courses at our club premises from Monday to Thursday each week, (excluding school holidays). This is only possible with the continued and grateful support we receive from organisations such as Campbelltown City Council, Microsoft, Clubs NSW and others.

Richmond Villa Club Premises

Campbelltown City Council

We express our gratitude to the Campbelltown City Council for the provision of the air conditioned premises at 12 Lithgow Street, Campbelltown for the set-up and conduct of the Club's activities.

Clubs Grant - New Server Upgrade

Wests Leumeah

We express our appreciation to Wests Club, as part of ClubsGrant for funding the upgrade of our IT Server infrastructure. The new Server upgrade monitors all our computers and devices.

Provision of Software

Microsoft Corporation

We express our appreciation to the Microsoft Corporation for their continued support by providing Windows Operating System, Office and Windows Server software for use on our training hardware.

Meeting Rooms

Campbelltown RSL

We express our gratitude to the Campbelltown RSL Club for their support to our club by providing a meeting room within the RSL premises for our quarterly Members Meetings.

Outdoor Furniture Settings

Sydney Water

We express our appreciation to the SYdney Water, who as part of their Community Grants Program, donated funds to us to purchase 2 sets of outdoor furniture for the use of members during their visits and at our monthly BBQs.

Large Screen Monitors

IRT Foundation

We express our appreciation to the IRT Foundation, who as part of their Community Grants Program, donated funds to us to purchase 14 new large screen monitors for the benefit of our members during their training sessions.


Ellen Dwyer

Ellen Dwyer

Margaret Pattinson

Magaret Pattinson

Jan Watts

Jan Watts

Cheryl Georgopoulos

Cheryl Georgopoulos

Vice President
Brian Kearney

Brian Kearney

Committee Member
Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Committee Member
Ron Cockburn

Ron Cockburn

Committee Member
Nanette Peters

Nanette Peters

Public Officer

Our Volunteers

Featuring some of our Volunteers.

  • Brian Kearney - Head Tutor
  • Fred McCarthy - Tutor
  • Ron Cockburn - Tutor
  • Rosemarie Garland - Tutor
  • Peter Weber - Tutor
  • Brenda Simpson - Tutor
  • Brian Kearney
    Brian tutors at the Club Monday to Thursday. Brian is Lead Tutor and is tasked with ensuring that the classes taught at Campbelltown Cyber Seekers are designed and delivered with our senior students in mind.

  • Fred McCarthy
    Fred tutors at the club on Thursdays. Fred has been tutoring at the club since it started in 2001. When he is not tutoring he likes to sharpen his golf handicap on the local courses and cruise the 7 seas relaxing on the decks.

  • Ron Cockburn
    Ron tutors at the Club on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He is a qualified Accountant with many years of experience using computers in business and also has a Certificate IV in Training. Ron is also the Lesson Librarian which entails his keeping track that only the latest revision of the lessons is in use.

  • Rosemarie Garland
    After obtaining Certificate IV in both Help Desk and Microsoft Office Skills at TAFE Rosemarie tried her hand at Web design and programming. Then iPhones happened and she was totally hooked. She likes to keep up with each new change made to the iOS and enthusiastically shares her love of technology especially iPhones and Tablets.

  • Peter Weber
    Peter tutors at the Club on Wednesday and Thursday. Peter is our resident Android "specialist". Peter conducts our Android Tablet and Phones classes.

  • Brenda Simpson
    Always worked Dept. of Education, my last appointment was accountant. I've been involved in “Train the Trainer” program with the Department.
    Been involved with Cybers for over 10 years. Love teaching all areas (PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Excel etc. Since retiring Nov 2015 have become more involved with Cybers.

Upcoming Events

Event 1

Cyber Seekers 2019 Christmas Party

The Cyber Seekers 2019 Christmas Party will be held on Friday 13th December 2019, starting at 12 noon, at the Campbelltown Golf Club. Tickets are now available now from Cambelltown Senior Cyber Seekers 12 Lithgow Street, Campbelltown. Join us in celebrating the end of another successful year.

Event 2

Monthly FREE BBQ - November 2019

You’re invited to come along and join us for our FREE BBQ for November 2019 on Thursday 21st November.

Come along, bring some guests, meet other members and enjoy lunch in our fun, friendly, club atmosphere, at our club premises 12 Lithgow Street, Campbelltown. Each BBQ starts at 11am and concludes at 1pm.

We’d love to hear from you.

Drop us a note

Where we are

Campbelltown Senior Cyber Seekers
Richmond Villa
12 Lithgow Street
Cnr Lithgow Street and Moore-Oxley Bypass
Campbelltown NSW 2560
P: (02) 4628-0484
Mon-Thur 10am to 2pm
Contact :