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         Club President 2017/18 1
         Note to Remember     1
         2017 AGM Report      2
         New Committee        3
         Member Achievements 4
         Diamond Anniversary  5
         October FREE BBQ     6
         Tutor’s Holiday Snaps  7
         New Carpet           8
         2017 Christmas Party  9
         Computer Maintenance 10
         Dates for Your Diary   11
         Rosemarie’s Humour   11
         Congratulations      11
         Contact Details      11

         Note to Remember:
         Please  let  us  know  if  you
         know of any member that is
         currently  unwell  or  has
         recently passed away so we
         can  send  them  or  their
         family  our  well  wishes  and
         concern  for  them  at  this
         time.  It  also  allows  us  to                        Ellen Dwyer
         update  out  records  so  we
         don't  send  renewal  letters            Club President 2017 - 2018
         to families that may have a
         member  that  is  recently
         deceased  causing  further

         We greatly appreciate your
         assistance with this matter.

                            Club Patrons:  Greg Warren MP,  Councillor Meg Oates

        Campbelltown Senior Cyber Seekers Newsletter                                      October 2017 – Page 1
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